Student Support Services

IBS College has strong student support services that foster relationships among staff and students, thereby increasing students' attachment to the college, promote services and resources of the college, to support and help students to realize their educational goals and community-based health and social services. To ensure the unit contribute to the quality of students’ learning experience and their academic success, student support services has divided into :

Registration Office

Managing students’ admissions, registration, academic related matter and graduation.

Account Office

The officer will provide information on financial aid, assist students in applying financial aid facility and updates/ remind students on fees incur from time to time.

Student Welfare Office

This special unit operates to contribute students’ life diversity, encouraging and establishing   

the connection between students and the community.  This unit also deals with International student pass application, housing and residence life, community service,  assist in organizing students’ events, college safety and alumni programs.  

Academic Support Office

Provide academic advising, counselling, service learning and internship placement and career services to students.

Examination Office

Give supports to the teaching colleagues and students. To ensure students are well informed with matters related to examination.

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