Financial Assistance

IBS Scholarship

Students are entitled for various scholarships depending on their SPM, UEC and O LeveL results which may reach up to 100% scholarship (T&C Applied).

IBS College Miri IBS College Miri IBS College Miri

  • Scholarships will be entitled upon the number of Grade A's achieved in SPM, UEC and O Level.


  • Sponsorships in terms of extra subsidies may be considered depending on the numbers of credits and Bumiputera Students.
  • Students who excelled in Sports or school's Curriculum activities

Students are only eligible to receive either scholarship or sponsorship, whichever amount is higher (Subject to availability).

Study Loan


    PTPTN loan is an education fund provided by the government for students at higher learning institutions.

  • Employees Provident Fund (EPF)

    There is Children’s Education withdrawal Scheme for EPF contributors allowing members who have an account to withdraw their savings from Account 2 (for housing, education and computer) for the purpose of supporting their children’s tertiary education in local and foreign institutions. Please contact the EPF for details.

Fees Payments Options

  • Fees can be directly banked in through the following bank accounts:

    Public Bank Berhad: 3201562226

  • Duit Now
  • Cash or Cheque